Ever Wonder What Happens To Baby Foreskins After Circumcision?

ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) currently offers dozens of foreskin-sourced products online ranging from $160 to $5,400

When parents have their newborn boys circumcised at American hospitals little do they know that the freshly amputated foreskins don’t go to biomedical waste, but they are preserved to be subsequently used in a range of applications from therapeutic research to cosmetic products. A single neonatal foreskin is believed to be worth a $100,000 in revenue.

For decades many companies concealed the use of foreskin tissue in their products, and claims were buried and deemed as nothing but anti-circuncision “conspiracy”. But as e-commerce and social media boomed, so did celebrity endorsements. In 2013 it came to light that Oprah Winfrey had been endorsing a high-end cosmetic line called SkinMedica, which openly used foreskin fibroblasts in their skin-regenerating serums (that sell for $150 an ounce).

So you may wonder, why aren’t parents being informed of what happens to circumcision remnants?. And the answer couldn’t be more obvious: they wouldn’t want parents to jeopardize the supply of foreskins they so willingly provide to an organized multi-billion dollar circumcision industry. The irony on all of this, is how entities such the AAP, CDC, and virtually the whole American healthcare system strategically favor neonatal circumcision for its “prophylactic benefits” while claiming that foreskin is rather “redundant” than essential, yet once amputated becomes profitable?.

Now, the real question is: if parents knew that they are actually harvesting baby foreskins during circumcisions (cause all of this can’t be incidental); would they oppose to it?, or would they stay blinded by the prospect of a “healthier” upbringing promised by a deceitful healthcare system?.

Four Newborns Infected With Herpes After Jewish Circumcision Rite

Despite the 4 new cases of herpes infections in newborns from September to December 2019 in the New York City alone, the American healthcare system is being passive over metzitzah b’peh, an element of Brit milah (Jewish circumcision rite), practiced exclusively among the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic communities.

The imminent risk of metzitzah b’peh lies on the mohel (circumciser) who “cleanses” the circumcision wound by “direct oral suction” – yes, you read that right, a grown man sucks the blood out of a fresh wound from a baby penis. The mohel’s saliva that comes in direct contact with an open wound on newborns can expose them to herpes (HSV-1), which is harmless to adults but life-threatening to newborns who lack the immune system for it. Between 2015 and 2017 six more cases of herpes infections were reported, but families of affected boys didn’t want to disclose the name of the mohalim involved in fear of retaliation, while claiming that there is a “conspiracy” to have their rite banned. At least other eleven boys contracted herpes between 2004 and 2011 as well – two of which died and two who suffered brain damage.

Since 2006 the City of New York health department has implemented protocols to “minimize” risks associated with the practice – such having mohelim take herpes tests and use anticeptic mouth wash prior to the ritual; none of which that has proven to eliminate the risk of infection. And to this day the practice remains unregulated and legal, while the NYC health department seeks to give the illusion of “risk control” to the public by promoting what they call a “safe” bris through brochures and posters, including disturbing pictures of herpes symptoms on newborns for parents to seek medical attention when needed – when it all could be avoided by outlawing an obsolete (and rather perverted) practice that has no place on this modern day.

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Tragedy From Circumcision

As much as it breaks my heart to share these kind of stories, it is important to understand that repercussions from circumcision are real; whether complications or emotional trauma. And there isn’t a better example of that with a recent tragedy that has come to light. Alex Hardy, an intelligent and popular 23-year old with no history of mental history, took his life because he couldn’t cope with the consequences from circumcision as an adult. He felt “mutilated” and was lied to about the options he had to treat his phimosis.

Alex was born in England but relocated to Canada for his studies at age 15. And Canada isn’t much different in terms of circumcision “recommendation” to America, it is the first line of treatment to any foreskin-related “complications”, when it should be the last resort.

He was 21 at the time of the procedure in 2015. Took his life 2 years later, and his mother finally came forward about her loss in 2019.

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My Awakening To A Disturbing American “Tradition”

Welcome to my blog. I chose an important and rather “taboo” subject in America that has grown on me these past few years – Forced Neonatal Male Circumcision.

This blog reflects my personal views along with research and factual information on the subject. Many people tried to discourage me before I even started by saying things like: “why fight against a tradition?”, “circumcision isn’t that big of a deal”, or “why do you care?, you aren’t circumcised“. My answer to that is: I felt an awakening to create awareness of a practice that is so ingrained in a culture but whose people are blinded to its harmful nature; either influenced by a system, or by their own personal “motives” that have been carried on generation after generation. And I don’t have to be a victim of circumcision to feel sympathy for the men who as newborns didn’t have a voice against a practice forced upon them; they will never know what it is like to grow up with intact genitalia as nature intended.

If only parents in America were open to learn of what circumcision really entails, its disturbing history, how unethical the procedure is, and more importantly its long-term adverse effect on the otherwise normal functionality of the intact penis, perhaps they wouldn’t think of it as a “gift” to their baby boys.

People in developed countries tend to be shocked when learning that America is still “cutting” their baby boys, because all of them discontinued the recommendation for the practice over half a century ago, and they are still discouraging it while incorporating laws to protect their infants; Denmark for example has the lowest rate of circumcision (2%), and along with Iceland in the past decade has tried to push a ban on the practice; Italy doesn’t allow tampering of the foreskin until the age of 5 – a malpractice that happens in America more often than one thinks and which has led to further unnecessary circumcisions on infants. Europeans in particular (excluding religious groups) only practice circumcision for valid therapeutic reasons, and when less invasive alternatives fail. In reality only about 1% of intact boys will experience some kind of foreskin-related “complication” during their lifetime that may need intervention, most of the time without a need for circumcision.

And if you didn’t know, 70% percent of males in the world are intact; the other 30% of circumcised males consists of Muslims (20%), and the remaining 10% are Jews, Americans and other cultures that still practice circumcision as a ritual.

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